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By Robert Reuter, B.S.
Nashville, TN

Dear Friend,

hat I'm about to show to you, will be the most important research advice you've ever read . Are you ready to finally get rid of information overload and stop wasting your time?

Who's Smarter The Blue Collar Worker or College Graduate? I'm Taking Sides With The Underdog...The Blue Collar Worker and Here's why...

My name is Robert "Black Belt Bob" Reuter, my mom has only an 8th grade education, foreign born, and I have to read real slow for her and repeat often. She can barely read and write english. She doesn't even know how to use a computer.

My dad was a sargent in the USA Army, retired Chicago Fireman who got his GED high school diploma. He did not know how to use a computer and never owned one.

He used to tell me if you don't go to college you'll be a blue collar dumby like him and bust your back all your life instead of using your mind like a college graduate.

Doesn't that make sense?

He paid for my private catholic high school education and paid for my college education. I was the first person on both sides of my family to go to college. He later died from lung, liver, and brain cancer.

My only littlle brother was born with cerebral palsey and kids used to tease him. He was strong minded and graduated from college with a socail workers degree to help others like him. He died at the age of 33 from stomach cancer.

Heres the problem when I went to college I could not ask my parents for advice because they were not educated enough to answer my questions, they were blue collar workers. They were smart enough to send me down the path of education.

Enter One Keyword and Get 384 Topics To Choose From... Each Topic Shows Top 10 Search Results = 38,400% Faster Results Within Seconds Without Typing In Another Keyword...

The reason I'm sharing this with you is because I'm alot like you and share the same frustrations we all face in life, so I know how you feel. Most people would never share there story in fear of shame.

So my story is really about you and how you can take advantage of helping you! You can take advantage of my research and save thousands of hours for the rest of your life from your lifes frustraions and problems.

If you don't take advantage of my offer, then you may not have the money at this moment, your a college graduate with no common sense who knows it all, or your like my mom and dad who were blue collar workers with some common sense wisdom who took action immediately when presented with a special offer.

Case Study 1 - Step by Step Best Research Software Keyword "Article Tips"   You Want To Write an Article and Need Some Ideas like Article Tips...

Step 1   - Open the Best Research Software and type in the main topic keyword "Article" you want to research in the search box, you never type in this box again saving you time, but lets say you're not sure what article you want to write? Suddenly something catches your eye and you decide to research "Article Tips" so instead of typing in the search box, you just click on the icon and link you want, saving you thousands of hours...

Step 2   - There are 3 columns with Icons and drop down menus with 384 links and each link shows you the top 10 search results for that keyword. Column 1 has icons with drop down menus, the 4th green icon down shows drop down links with Tips/Tricks at the top.

Step 3   - Click on Tips/Tricks

Step 4   - Automatically shows you the top 10 search results for "Article Tips/tricks", if you wanted to click on How To's or Tutorials you get top 10 search results just by clicking on the icon link, do you see how much time this will save you, just point and click, lightning fast and easy research.

Watch the video below and I will show you how to type in a zipcode Beverly Hills 90210 to see restaurants, events, local weather, maps, local news, business locations, calendar of events and consensus data research. How about taking your date to the Movies? This is so exciting...

How to research a niche market based on zip code

How to find every business by zip code

How to find all the restaurants, pizza by zip code

How to find local events, local weather, local news...

How to research very detailed consensus data for every zip code at your finger tips....

How to find schools when you move....

The Most Powerful and Electrifying Research Software Finding Massive Content For Your Articles Fast! The Best Researchers...


Don't you agree?

It takes guts to fight against all odds and stand up for what is right. I'm here to help you solve information overload and dominate your computer search results.

We all have different struggles in our daily lives but the computer and information age is only starting.

You don't need an college degree when you have the right information in your hands like the best research sofware.

The Blue Collar Worker Who Takes Action and Uses The Best Research Software is 38,400% Smarter Than A College Graduate Who Does Not Use The Software. Yes, You Can Say College Educated Idiot...

So I had to figure out everything on my own. I'm the kind of guy who will research with a passion to find the answers to my solutions.

I went to Illinois State University, double majored in Construction Technology and Safety Engineering with a minor in business in 4 years, not to mention I worked part time, was on tae kwon do sparring team and fraternity Delta Sigma Phi.

This is not to brag, it's to show you by taking action in your life right now you can change to a brighter fututre.

Even with a B.S. college degree, I used to sit at my computer just like your doing right this second, look at the monitor, type in a keyword or long tail keyword phrase into the google or yahoo search engine and get the top 10 results.


For example, lets say I was researching the keyword "article" because I needed to write an article for school, my boss at work or for a website I was creating.

What if I wanted to research and add the keyword "article tips" or "article videos" or "article audios" or "article images " or "article resources". In this example, I would have to enter each keyword into the search box then repeat that with the next keyword wasting valuable time.

Here's the problem I had. Everytime I wanted to change the keyword I would have to add the keyword into the search box, wait for the page to load and only get the top 10 search results.

Me too!

You will now discover what I found will help you and your loved ones dominate your computer from information overload and you don't need a college education to research like the professionals!

Below, I will show you 5 Case Studies with the above article keywords that will open your mind to the Research Heaven that you never knew existed but so desparetly wanted to get to heaven at all costs...

Find Out Why There Are Thousands of Satisfied Users Using The Best Research Sofware Including, The Best Researchers, Teachers, Students, Millionaires, Internet Marketers, Content Creators, Article Writers, Journalists, Bloggers, Doctors, Lawyers, Photographers, Web Designers, Families, Corporations...

Watch the Step by Step Video Tutorials...Shows You How To Research Like the Pros! Click The Video Below . 

Are you sick and tired of information overload, that's right?

Below, I will show you 5 Case Studies with the above article keywords that will open your mind to the Research Heaven that you never knew existed but so desparetly wanted to get to heaven at all costs...

Case Study 2 - Step by Step Best Research Software Keyword "Article Video"   You Now Want to Research and Put a Video on Your Article

Step 1   - Click on Column 1 go down to the 10th Video icon which brings you a drop down menu of video searches

Step 2   - You Tube is a huge video source so you decide to click on the link You Tube...

Step 3   - You then will see on the right side of the screen the top 10 searches at You Tube for "Article Video" , did you notice at top left of the screen the word still shows article but the Amazing software is pulling up the top 10 searches giving you 384 links to choose from. You can click on google video, yahoo video, live video, Myspace video and more...

I was researching but could not help myself... Watch the video below for the most exciting... devasting... Motorcyle crash... hitting a car head on... suddenly flips like a noodle then...

Videos are hot and you need to add video to your websites for massive traffic..

How to find videos at you tube, google, myspace, aol, blinkx and lots more videos....


Are you beginning to see how powerful this is?

Case Study 3 - Step by Step Best Research Software Keyword "Article Audio"   You Now Want to Listen to Audios or You Want To Put Audios on Your Article

Step 1 - Click on Column 1 go down to the 9th Audio icon which brings you a drop down menu of Audio searches

Step 2 - You click on Web link and shows a huge audio top 10 searches so you decide to click on the link Web

Step 3 - You then will see on the right side of the screen the top 10 searches at Google for "Article Audio ". Did you notice at top left of sreen the word still shows article but the Amazing software is pulling up the top 10 searches giving you 384 links to choose from. You can click on Altavista audio, All The web Audio, Dogpile Audio, and more..

I sure agree with you!

Highly targeted keyword research tool using quotes...Very beneficial for Google Adwords...

Reverse Keyword tool to digg deeper into long tail keywords for article traffic...

How to use the dot com shows how to find restaurants by state

How to use the RSS feeds and blogs

You Are Twice as Smart as You Think. Imagine if You were 38,400% Smarter. How Would That Change Your Life?

Case Study 4 - Step by Step Best Research Software Keyword "Article Images" You Now Want to Add Images To Your Article...So This Video Research Shows Albert Einstein Images...

Step 1   - Click on Column 3 go down to the 1st Icon showing a letter G

Step 2   - Click on the G icon which brings you a drop down menu of Albert Einstein google images

Step 3   - You click on Images link and shows on the right side of sreen the top 10 searches for google images

Step 4   - You then will see on the right side of the screen the top 10 searches at Google for "Article Images ". Did you notice at top left of sreen the word still shows article but the Amazing software is pulling up the top 10 searches giving you 384 links to choose from. You can click on the Maps, Blogs, Books, Groups, Scholar links and more...

College student plagerizes ...gets thrown out of school...

To Bad He Didn't Have The Best Research Software...

Case Study 5 - Step by Step Best Research Software Keyword "Article Resources"   You Now Want to See Article Resources For Blogs and Social Bookmarking

Copyright © 2007

Step 1   - Click on Column 2 go down to the 5th Icon showing the number 17

Step 2   - Click on the calendar 17 icon which brings you a drop down menu of google resources

Step 3   - You click on google resources link and shows on the right side of sreen the top 10 searches for google article resources

Step 4   - You then will see on the right side of the screen the top 10 searches at Google for "Article Resources ". Did you notice at top left of sreen the word still shows article but the Amazing software is pulling up the top 10 searches giving you 384 links to choose from. You can click on the history, facts, timeline, research, documents, archives, museum links and more... All links showing you the top 10 searches for the keyword Article Resources Plus Lots More...

Doe's that makes sense to you!

How to use Social Bookmarking to drive massive traffic to your website

How to use articles on your blogs to drive traffic based on long tail keywords

Article Research is the fundamental keys for Top 10 Google Rankings...Never Pay for Google Adwords again...

How to research articles at lightning speeds....

Why the best researchers in the world are secretly using social bookmarking sites...

Why did Microsoft pay 250 million for 1.6% ownership of stock for sites have massive traffic...


Who Else Wants to Research 38,400% Faster Using The Best Research Software Solution... Keyword Research on Steroids

Research based on Comscore figures within the United States in March 2006 shows how many searches per day are performed in the following search engines.

Daily Searches Searches Per Day Millions Searches Per Month Millions

Note: These #s are growing daily globally and information overload is increasing exponentially.

Do You See How powerful this software is and how it will save you time for the rest of your life reducing information overload?


"How to Backup Your Emails Microsoft Outlook Step by Step eBook and Video Training"...

Your Home Based Business Life Saver!

Table of Contents - 49 Pages Step by Step Blueprints

Introduction - Page 8

How to Set up an Email Account at Your Webhost To Forward to Microsoft Outlook Page 9

How to Download Sync Toy Software - page 12

How to Make Backups of Your Email inside Microsoft Outlook page 34

How to Reinstall Microsoft Outlook page 43

You Need to Backup Your Email Everyday - page 45

5 Videos Training page 46

Conclusion page 47

Recommended Resources Guide page 48

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How Will You Benefit Using The Best Research Software?

Find quality content at lightning speeds for all your articles... Content is King...

Organize your best research with over 384 topics giving you top 10 search results with one click...

38,400% faster results saving you thousands of hours, all from one location...

Advanced search capabilities once reserved for only the media now available for you...

The Most powerful web 2.0 search tools available with only 1 click

Public domain content that you can steal as your own...

Social Networking, Social Bookmarking, Blogs, Videos, Audios, Articles mean Massive Free Traffic...


Hey Bob!

All I can say is WOW! When you said the Best Research Software would speed my searches 38,400% it seemed like a slight exaggeration.

No More! I have been using several different search methods to find micro-niches, keywords and content but this really injects my whole operation with steroids.

My preferred niches are highly competitive - some keywords have millions of competition but with Best Research Software I can easily narrow the field down to the top 10 competitors and then discover the best keywords and content I need to knock 'em off.

You've got a great product here. Thanks much!

Gerry Marsh


Hi Bob,

Let me start by saying your software is absolutely incredible. It has saved me countless hours of research.

The interface is extremely easy to navigate for having so many features.

I don't think there is anything on the net that this software can not find.

One feature that has been really helpful is the affiliate program search. I've been able to find affiliate programs on some rather obscure products that have little competition.

For the price it would be hard to find such a top notch search tool.

Best Research Software is definitely in my top ten tools for 2008!

Best Regards.

JB Mills


Here is what is included in this amazing best research software package:

  1. Download the best research software to your computer

  2. Article Multiplier Software

  3. 3 Fast action Reward bonuses

  4. Step by step video tutorial on using the best research software

"30 day 100% Satisfaction Unconditional Guarantee."


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Just like thousands of people who came here before you, you will be different, and eliminate these frustrations of information overload right now.

"Yes, I Want To Research 38,400% Faster Using The Best Research Software Solution"

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What if you were in a Jam and needed that article for a school deadline due today or for a Website?

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What this software does:

Writing articles takes time. You could pay somebody to write an article for $5 if you know where to look. Website owners, teachers, students, and researchers need to write articles as part of there daily work schedule.

Even if you find this has worked as a guideline or mainly as doorway pages for the search spiders (which obviously, it doesn't), such garbles will most likely be rejected by article directory editors....YOU stand to lose your credibility as an expert in your field by providing nonsense.

Though of course you can, "as the article spinners claim"even fire your find yourself going back to your pet writers to rewrite an article for the same price as writing a fresh one, because when it comes to putting real sentences together....(unless it's some sophisticated Millitary intelligence grade software) no software can do that... still need to re-write those articles word by word sentence by sentence and waste a whole good day doing so....unless...

You have The Article Multiplier by your side.

Imagine this, instead of writing/rewriting an article in 10mins (fastest land record for speed writing....I think), you can leverage on the same duration to have 100 unique variations of the seed article!

psst...btw.. "Asking a freelance writer to have that done for you will easily cost you at least $5 for a one for one article re-write project!"

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Best Keyword Software

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Step 1 - Click Tab Enter the Main Keyword for the word you want to research. In the photo below I entered the main keyword "keyword" and the software produced the results below.

Step 2 - Click Gather Keywords tab and it will show you the number of daily searches for that word which represents the supply

Step 3 - Look at the columns below Google, Yahoo and MSN and you will see the supply or competing websites on the internet.

Step 4 - If you want to create an article, then you want the lowest competition so your article will rank in number 1 spot in google. So look at number 10 below keyword discount air... shows 31 daily searches. Only 1,250 competing websites on google, 56 on yahoo and 190 on MSN. Your odds for a number 1 ranking in google is outstanding.

Step 5 - Because, I want to prove to you I have high quality products and I want you to own my Best Research Software. Not to mention you actually read my sales letter up to this point, I'm going to ask you to fill in your name and email to receive my newsletter blog internet marketing and I will actually give you a copy of this Best Keyword software. Also, I'm going to give you Giveaway Rights. That means you have my permission to give my Best Keyword Software to all your friends and if you own a newsletter give my software to them as a gift.

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Analyze the demand and supply of any niche market.

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Extract the no. of daily searches for any keyword in the search engines.
Display number of competing pages for any keyword in Google, Yahoo & MSN
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Keyword Cockpit

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Keyword Cockpit

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Calendar Organizer to do list

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Web update keeps you up to date with new software revisions

Biz Quicker categorize emails with same questions, quick notes

The great googlier web searcher displays 100 results in browser

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Password locker remember all the user ids and passwords

Quick menu word speller, thesaurus, web tools, who is look up

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To your success,

   Robert Reuter

Robert Reuter, B.S. "Black Belt Bob"

Black Belt Karate Age 16

Black Belt TKD Age 19

Brown Belt Aikido



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