Attention: Car Shoppers, Do Not Step foot on a car dealership without knowing the sneaky, underhanded tricks, the salesmen use to rip you off. I have been deep undercover researching for 4 years selling cars and why YOU desparately need my help! I’m going to share with you the insider secrets, exposing what I learned to work in the car industry, and its going to make you furious!

Lies, Lies, Lies... Shameless Two-Faced S.O.B.s!

Special Report - Car Salesman Reveals
"How Car Dealers Rip You Off Every Time"
Worlds Largest Chevy Dealer Scandal...

"How You Can Protect Yourself From Their Scams, Schemes, and Tricks,
So You're Never Ripped Off Again!"

Former car salesman reveals the dirty insider secrets car dealers use to rip you off and how you can make yourself bullet proof from their sneaky attacks!

I don't care if YOU have...

  • Terrible credit

  • Unpaid medical bills

  • Unpaid student loans

  • Lost your home in foreclosure

  • Maxed out credit card limits

  • No Down Payment

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From: Robert Reuter "Black Belt Bob"
           Nashville, TN

RE: Don't Get Scammed by the Car Dealer

Dear Smart Car Shopper,

Robert Reuter Black Belt Bob
Robert Reuter

What if you could buy any car you want with no money, low payments, and terrible credit?

How would you like to learn, exactly what the car salesman will say and do each step of the way, so you can catch them when they try to scam you? You are going to buy a new or used car and get a fantastic deal, once you understand the insider secrets I teach you.

Let me prove it to you below...

Look, I know how you feel, because I was the car salesman sitting on the other side selling you the car. I'm so sick of car dealers and car salesman ripping off customers I switched sides so I can help you. That means I'm on your team it is us against them.

Maybe you have suffered during this economic downturn, have extremely little savings, kids in college, lost your home in foreclosure, unpaid medical bills, unpaid student loans, maxed out on your credit cards and you are afraid you will not be able to buy a car.

Do you need a car, but the car dealers keep rejecting your loan application?

If this sounds like you then you are going to need my help, because without a car, you can not go to work or pick up your kids.

Life Without a Car?... Can You Live Without a Car?

Just Imagine, What it Would Be Like...
If You Do Not Have a Reliable Car...

What Happens if...

  • Your kid is in an accident and you need to get him to the hospital right away.
  • Your baby wakes up with an ear infection and you need to get antibiotics in winter. Your car will not start, in the middle of the night surrounded by snow.
  • Your mom or dad gets sick and you have to drive 600 miles across the country to be near their side, would you be able to do this?
  • You get an emergency call from work and you have to go back into the office in the next few minutes or you lose your job.
  • Your scheduled to meet family during the holidays and you need to drive your van or SUV. Your mechanic is not sure if it will be fixed so your at his mercy and your starting to panic.
  • Your car check engine light comes on, right after you bought the car. The car was sold as is, and now you have to pay $1,500 more to repair the used car you just bought.
  • You just need a reliable car that is affordable and that will last a long time.

    Do YOU Want to Be Homer Simpson When You Face the Mucho Loco Car Salesman?

Livin La Vida Loco Car...

Car Dealers Exposed Book Cover

"Grandma Opened Up a Can of Whoop Ass On the Chubby Sales Manager!"

The whole point of the cartoon is that most people will come to the car dealer unprepared and have no clue how to buy a car. The car salesmen will look at you like your Homer Simpson ready to rip you off.

However, if you explore the cartoon, both grandma, husband with the wife are learning the secret car buying system taught in my new book. Armed with this powerful knowledge they can fight back fearlessly. This is serious business with thousands of dollars on the line with one car purchase.

The cartoon shows how the car sales manager thought, grandma would be an easy target to rip off, but he was wrong. With the information in my book, little old grandma showed the big sales manager where to shove it!

The car salesman grinding his teeth is scared he will lose the sale because the wife is learning the secret car buying formula.

Car dealers, car sales managers and car salesmen are scared you will understand their secret car selling tactics because they will not be able to rip you off.

Grandma took the time to learn the insider secrets taught to car salesmen and she turned the negotiations into her favor by taking control of the car sales manager.

The cartoon shows both the car salesman and the sales manager are scared of losing the sale. They know the information in my book teaches the average person every car salesmen trick, so you will never get ripped off.

Car salesmen and car sales managers are greedy, and they want to take your hard earned money away from you at all costs. They want you to enter the den of thieves and tell you lies so they can sell you a car.

The moment you leave with the car you just bought, they will be smoking and joking telling stories how they ripped you off and bragging how much money they made off of you.

In a few minutes, after I expose the secret car dealer tricks, you are going to learn how to put a stop this, once and for all.

They do not want me to share this information with you.

You're going to learn how to take control of the car salesman, so you can get the best car bargain and never get ripped off.

In fact, the car salesman will make the least amount of commission selling you a car once you understand these secret negotiation tactics.


Your Car is the 2nd Most Expensive Purchase YOU Will Ever Make!... Next to YOUR Home


That is why you need to educate yourself before you buy a car. If you don not take the time to learn you will get ripped off the moment you set foot on a car dealers lot

In fact, do you want some solid evidence to back up my claims?

Ok, I want to share with you a story that Channel 5 News in Nashville, TN broke regarding how customers were getting ripped off at the Worlds Largest Chevy Dealer Bill Heard.

This Channel 5 News story is about only one car dealership. What do you think happens behind closed doors, at the car dealerships worldwide? They will laugh at you and say prove it because they have your signature on the contract!

Also, I'm going to share some stories, how customers got ripped off, right in front of my eyes!

That is why you need to learn, everything you must know before you buy your next car taught in my book.

"Channel 5 News Nashville, TN... Wins National Award for Breaking News...Investigative Research....

Two respected journalism groups have honored the "NewsChannel 5 Investigates" team with national awards for an investigation into an auto dealership's questionable practices.

The Radio-Television News Directors Association (RTNDA) gave its highest honor, a national Edward R. Murrow Award, for the best investigative reporting by a large-market television station.

In addition, the National Press Club recognized that same investigation with its Consumer Journalism Award.

Both awards were given for NewsChannel 5's investigation of Bill Heard Chevrolet, led by consumer investigator Jennifer Kraus.

Photojournalist Bryan Staples and producer Kevin Wisniewski joined in the investigation.  The project was supervised by chief investigative reporter Phil Williams.

"This investigation was a chance to expose a real problem affecting our viewers," Kraus said. 

"Knowing that we're making a difference in our community is rewarding in itself.  To receive recognition from such respected organizations, on top of that, is truly an honor."

NewsChannel 5's investigation documented questionable sales and financing practices inside the Nashville-area dealership, which is part of a company that bills itself as the World's Largest Chevy Dealer.  It led to a state investigation of the company's practices.

The NewsChannel 5 investigation has also been honored with a National Headliner Award for business and consumer reporting.

News director Mike Cutler noted that the honors are one of many national awards that have recognized how the "NewsChannel 5 Investigates" team makes a difference in the community.

"Year after year, this team has dedicated itself to exposing injustice and the abuse of power," Cutler said.


Channel 5 News Wins National Award

Bryan Staples, Jennifer Kraus, Phil Williams, Kevin Wisniewski

Salesman held at Gunpoint Story– I know a seasoned vetearn salesman “Jack” who went on a test drive, when he got out of the car to switch drivers, the customer pulls out a gun and says give me your wallet and keys. 

Then he said give me your cell phone and get inside the trunk.  The salesman knew if he got inside the trunk he would surely die.  Then the salesman got his cell phone and threw it up in the air at the customer and started running for his dear life. 

Two hours later that customer stole the car and robbed a bank and got caught.  Now you see why the dealer needs your driver’s license and the insurance card. 

That salesman Jack begged me to teach him martial arts knowing my training.  So I Black Belt Bob taught him some Killer moves.


Worlds Largest Chevy Dealer Scandal...
Bill Heard Chevrolet Put Out of Business....


Worlds Largest Chevy Dealer Bill Heard

"Mother & Father Want to Buy 16 Year Old Daughter Nissan Pathfinder....

Pays His Mechanic Who Finds Multiple Check Engine Light Codes...

Even Though No Lights Visible On Dashboard...

Does Not Buy Pathfinder.... Our Mechanic Finds Light Bulb Missing On Dash...

So Check Engine Light Will Never be Seen... Their is Only One Way to Find This Problem Before YOU Buy a Lemon...

Did the Car Dealer Take Out The Light Bulb or the Previous Owner???...

Be Aware... "Dangerous..."

Story- A mother and father wanted to buy their daughter a car for her 16th year birthday and came many times to the buy here pay here car dealer. 

He was a payment buyer wanting to spend around $300 per month in payments.

He wanted a suv as first choice and liked the Nissan pathfinder, 4x4, sunroof, 100,000 miles and I got him at $325 month payment. 

He agreed to buy the car but wanted to take the pathfinder to a local car mechanic to have it tested out by his mechanic (Very Smart Buyer).

Our lot attendant drove the pathfinder to his mechanic and his mechanic found multiple check engine codes on his diagnostic machine even though check engine light was not on.

The Nissan pathfinder on our lot had shown no check engine light but the other mechanic showed multiple check engine codes.

The buyer did not want to buy the pathfinder so his friend mechanic saved him some big headaches financially. 

Later our mechanic found that the previous owner or somebody had taken the light bulb out so the check engine light would not even show up on the dash. 

Our mechanic could not fix the problem and the pathfinder sat on the lot for 2 months while he was fixing all the new cars we were buying. 

Finally, he fixed all check engine light codes and that next week I noticed the service engine light came back on the Nissan pathfinder. 

Lesson - This One Secret is Worth Thousands...

After You Buy The Car... "What Happens at 75-100 Miles Later?...

YOU own the Car As Is...

This Could Have Been Prevented With the Greatest Secret I Teach YOU... 

But Now It's To Late...

Now YOU have to pay to get it fixed, right after you bought the car...

You barely had the down payment... How are you going pay to fix it?

Loan Applications Falsified
at Bill Heard Chevrolet

(Story created: 11/8/06)

At Bill Heard Chevrolet, they'll sell a car to just about anyone -- "regardless of your credit history."

Former Bill Heard manager Mary Herron says, "That's Bill Heard's philosophy, 'Everyone rides.'"

And former managers claim that means everyone rides -- even if it means breaking the law.

Another former Bill Heard manager, Glenn Radford, says he saw employees "doctoring up people's incomes to make 'em higher."

And yet another former manager who wanted to remain anonymous tells us, "It's crazy what goes on in there."

They say Bill Heard Chevrolet will literally do anything to get customers qualified for car loans.

"They will inflate the income," Herron tells NewsChannel 5 consumer investigator Jennifer Kraus. "That's increase. Fudge."

"Lie about a person's income?" Kraus asks.


Herron was a finance manager at Bill Heard in Antioch -- and she says she was ordered to do it.

"By how much?" Kraus asks.

"Whatever it takes to make the deal," Herron replies.

Herron admits she was told to do it to customers like Gayle Thompson and her daughter Pam Knight.

Thompson says she and Knight went to Bill Heard because "we needed a car."

The two bought a Chevy Cavalier from Bill Heard to get Thompson to her doctor and Knight to her weekly dialysis.

"Both of us are on disability," Thompson says.

Together they get about fifteen hundred dollars a month.

"Have you ever received a monthly check for $1,600?" Kraus asks Knight.

She reacts with shock. "No, no!"

"Have you ever received a check for $2,000 a month?" Kraus asks Thompson.

She is equally surprised and emphatically says, "No!"

Yet when we obtained their loan application, we found their monthly income had been more than doubled.

It turned out Herron had filled out their paperwork.

"Did they have any idea what was going on?" Kraus asks Herron.


In fact, the two were absolutely stunned when we showed them their loan documents that we had obtained and explained what had happened.

"Where in the world did they get that from?" Knight asks.

Former manager Glenn Radford who was a finance manager for three years, admits:

"You can't just make up people's incomes. That's fraud.... If you're asking me, is this something that, this is the only time it's ever happened at a Bill Heard store? No."

We discovered the same kind of thing happened to customer Nancy Luna.

She bought a Chevy Malibu at Bill Heard with her husband.

And, while his monthly social security check was $687 a month, when we got the Lunas' loan application, it had him making $2,687 a month.

"This is how much it says Otis was getting a month," Kraus tells Luna, showing her the application.

"No, no, no," she replies. "He never made that much."

Then there's Melissa Buck, another customer who was unemployed when she bought a Chevy Trailblazer from Bill Heard.

Buck tells NewsChannel 5, "I had no income whatsoever."

But we found her loan application had her working as the manager of a funeral home, making $80,000 a year.

The anonymous former manager tells us, "People that didn't work were actually given vehicles."

He says if a customer doesn't have a job, Bill Heard just makes one up.

Another customer, Gerald Ensley, bought a used Ford Taurus at Bill Heard.

And when we showed him a copy of his loan application, he told us one of the few things they got right was his name.

"They falsified our rent, my monthly income and the amount we was paying for the vehicle we had," Ensley says.

We showed attorney Barry Weather what we'd uncovered.

His reaction: "I call it fraud."

Weathers, though, wasn't surprised. He's settled more than a dozen legal claims against Bill Heard on behalf of customers who say the dealership has committed fraud, even identity theft.

"It's a corporate culture at Bill Heard," Weathers says. "That's the way they conduct business. They're not isolated incidents."

We asked former manager Mary Herron about what we found.

"No one's stopping it?" Kraus asks.


"Corporate is not stopping it?"


It seems the only ones who don't know what's going on are the customers.

"We would have never known if you hadn't brought this," Thompson says.

Former manager Glenn Radford says, "They'll have a customer sign a blank contract."

"It's illegal, but it doesn't matter that it was blank at the time. Prove it. Prove it was blank at the time. I've got your signature on it."

Gayle Thompson says, "That's crooked."

For Thompson and her daughter, Pam Knight, their car has come with a hefty price.

"They were trying to pay for a car that they couldn't afford to pay for so they didn't have gas money to get to dialysis or money to buy food with," Herron says, recalling a telephone call from a social worker on behalf of the two women.

Thompson admits, "We've been through hell trying to pay for it."

And no car, they say, is worth that much.

When we asked Bill Heard about what we uncovered, the company didn't dispute our findings.

But they insisted such practices violate its own policies.

They say, "If we find any proof of wrongdoing, we will take swift and appropriate action. We are working very hard to correct any problems of the past."

They say they still want to hear from customers and try to solve the problems.

But Pam Knight and Gayle Thompson recently had their car repossessed.

They say they asked Bill Heard to help them, but got no help at all.

If you have a consumer complaint against any business, you can file a complaint with the Better Business Bureau AND file a complaint with state Consumer Affairs



Unbelievable Shocking Stories This Could Happen to YOU!...
YOU Have to Read... Videos on P. 75

Have you ever struggled with the car salesman when buying a car? Have you been high pressured by the sales manager?

Did the car salesman ever tell you your car is worth a whole lot less then its really worth? Does your car keeps breaking down? Have you been ripped off by the car dealer?

Then you are about to read the letter you have been waiting for over 100 years.

Let me prove to you, how to turn the negotiations in your favor.

Here, is why you should believe me.

Robert Reuter Black Belt Bob

Robert Reuter
"Black Belt Bob"

Black Belt Bob Black Belt Diploma

Black Belt Diploma

I have worked for GMC, Pontiac, Toyota, Scion, Nissan, Kia, Carmax and "Buy Here Pay Here - Tote the Note" Car Dealers for 4 years.

I was certified, trained to sell new and used cars.

You will discover my closely guarded secrets


Buy Here Pay Here Dealer "Tote The Note" 18% interest rate bad credit used car loans

Websource: Google Images. All logos above are registered trademarks of the owner.

Look, I am not mad at the car manufacturers mentioned, that is not my intention. In fact, the car manufacturers make high quality cars, safety, reliability and family cars with excellent customer service. It is not the car manufacturers fault, in fact, it is the independent car dealers fault.

It is the independent car dealers who own franchises who at times will do just about anything to get a car sold. It boils down to the car salesman who will do what ever it takes to make a sale today to earn his commission.

Carmax is the worlds largest used car dealer and fortune 100 company. In my opinion, they have the best car buying process with a no haggle price and 5 day money back guarantee. In fact, I wrote an entire chapter with step by step details & (Video Tutorial) how to buy a used car using their state of the art online car shopping website.

Car selling tactics is a 100 year old mentality, and the old school car selling tactics came before the internet.

With internet, search engines and social media the public is now becoming more aware of the problems in the car industry worldwide.

The old school car selling system has been perfected for over 100 years and has serious flaws!

The mindset of do what ever it takes to sell a car today even if that means lying to you and ripping you off.

This is how the old school, used car salesmen got their notorious reputation.

The managers will never allow the buyer to leave the car lot without a T.O. or Turn Over to the sales manager. This is insider car sales talk. It is mandatory, the car salesman must bring the customer from outside into the showroom, so the sales manager can sell you a car.

You can not just go look without being high pressured, so forget about window shopping!

What's even worse, they put car salesman on 100% commission most of the time. That is what is fueling the greedy problem.

Car salesmen are required to be trained by the manufacturers and become certified in product knowledge.

That means your facing a team of highly trained car sales force starting with the car salesman, sales manager, used car manager, finance salesman, finance manager, parts department manager, service department manager and customer service manager.

Not to mention, the support from the manufacturers representatives.

I know How You Are Being Ripped Off...
Because I Was Trained To Do It
"Although I Never Did"!

My intent is to Help You, by teaching you what car dealers teach car salesmen.

If you know the car sales training system, the games, then you will have the same knowledge as us and be part of our secret insiders circle. Once YOU grab this knowledge, YOU will forever have the same Power.

As a rookie car salesman, during my first year, I sold 34 cars in my 4th month and 30 cars in my 12th month. My best day, I sold 5 cars in one day.

Let's do the math, 34 cars sold in one month x $20,000 per car = $680,000

Let's do the math, 30 cars sold in one month x $20,000 per car = $600,000

Let's do the math, 5 cars sold in one day x $20,000 per car = $100,000

My Customers Trust Me... or They Would Not Spend So Much Money...

I just wanted to show you, I sold millions of dollars of cars in 4 years. My customers and their family's wanted to do business with me because they trusted me.

Do YOU Want Me To Teach You...

How to Buy a New or Used Car?...

Why so many cars sold because my customers trusted me and liked me because I used this one secret technique.

The car dealers taught me to make the sale today, like what's it going to take to make you buy a car today.

I did the exact opposite of what the car dealers taught me because I found it offensive to approach customers this way. Customers are not stupid. Customers hate salesman who are pushy and greedy.


Here's one of the first things the car dealers teach car salesmen " buyers are liars". If buyers are liars, then what are car salesmen?

Why They Call Me Black Belt Bob?
How I'm Going to Protect You ?
"Let Me Be Your Body Guard"

At the age of 13, I started Japanese Karate and was awarded a Black Belt at age 16 before my divers license.

Then attended 4 years of college, and studied Tae Kwon Do for 4 years under 2 time Korean silver medalist. I was awarded a Black Belt in Tae Kwon Do at age 19.

Then trained with 2 time Olympic Tae Kwon Do silver medalist.

Then studied Aikido in Chicago, and was awarded a Brown Belt.

No I am not bragging, my point is to be awarded a Black Belt you have to have honor, integrity, discipline to those of higher rank and lower rank.

In other words, I am no better then you. I'm on your side now, it is us against the car dealers. To be honest with you, my mom only has a 8th grade education, and I have to read to her.

I know your pain, problems, no money down, want low payments, horrible credit because I was on the other side of the table as the car salesman.

It used to break my heart to see innocent familys who desperately needed a good, reliable car get ripped off by the car dealer. I wanted to reach out and tell the family, no do not buy that specific  car,  but I could not because I would lose my job.

In fact, the rule in the car business is never talk to a salesman's customer, never say one word because you could blow the sale.

Now, I have switched sides (We are on the same Team), and I promise to help you fight back, to get the best deal when YOU buy any car. I will be your master teacher.

Mr. Miyagi of Black Hat Car Selling Secrets

Would you like to join me on my sparring team as we take on the car salesmen and car dealers?

Let me teach you how to fight the greedy fat cat car dealers  with these underground car salesman tactics once forbidden to the customers.

You are not allowed to have this information that is inside my book because it's that powerful and you will learn explosive techniques.

"MR. X - Deep Undercover”

I was very successful selling cars with my techniques, and I sold quite a few cars. In fact, I sold millions of dollars worth of cars.

Then I met this guy and I will call him Mr. X because I don't want to reveal his true identity.

Mr. X showed me some dodgy, sneaky, black hat car selling techniques, that I was not happy about doing or promoting.

My good friend Mr. X  has been selling cars for over 26 years  as new car sales manager, used car sales manager, finance manager, floor manager, used car salesman and new car salesman.

I told Mr. X I was writing a book, and I wanted to help car shoppers from getting ripped off. He agreed with me that car dealers have been ripping off customers for years, and he wanted to help me by staying deep undercover!

Mr. X mentored me and contributed his knowledge by pouring out his secrets to me, so I could give you the sneaky, black hat, inside secrets taught to car salesmen.

With this extra knowledge, you're not going to get ripped off buying a new or used car.

He is currently selling new cars and is remaining deep undercover  to keep his current job.

I am so sick of car dealers and car salesman taking advantage of innocent car buyers, and bragging how they ripped them off.

Used car salesmen have the most experience and are the most dangerous salesmen, so be extremely careful.

Do you realize car salesman at your big franchise dealers, have to go through a certified training program on product knowledge, before they can sell a car off the new car showroom!

"Used car salesmen have one of the worst reputations. They have been abusing customers for over 100 years since Henry Ford Model T”

That means for over 100 years, the car salesmen training program has been taught and refined.

When you walk into any big car dealer you are walking into a den of thieves and their waiting to get all your money like sheep to the slaughter.

Attorney Loses License to Practice Law For Unethical Legal Behavior... Finds Job as the New Car Sales Manager

I know a new car sales manager who was an attorney, but they took away his license to practice law because of some off shore tax haven and IRS fraud, so now he has a job as the new car sales manager.

Would you want ex attorney new car sales manager negotiating with you? Do you honestly think he wants to help you or rip you off?

These are the people you are going to meet in the car business. You have no idea what your up against when you walk into a car dealer.

Why would you walk into a car dealer and face a team of certified trained professionals starting with the salesman, new car manager, used car manager, floor manager, finance salesman, finance manager, customer service manager, parts manager and service manager?

The minute you drive on the car dealers lot you will see a team of salesmen hanging around the front door smoking and joking like vultures.

There is an honor up system, which means the salesman take turns to greet the next customer. You don't have a choice!

Don't you hate it when the car salesman is standing right next to your car door, so you can barely open the door without hitting him?

Don't you hate it when your driving slowly around the car dealers lot just looking, and the salesman is chasing you like a starving dog?

I worked with a car salesman who had eagle eyes, he would see the car turn off the highway and just start to pull onto the car dealers lot. Then this guy was doing his 100 yard sprint chasing the car down like a police officer before we could say your MaMa.

You don't know these facts because nobody was willing to teach you these forbidden car salesmen secrets until now!

I Would Rather Go to the Dentist
Than Buy a Car at the Car Dealer"

I sold a customer a car, who told me, he just wanted to get a fair deal, without the hassles of the salesman going back, and forth to the sales manager playing games

Then he told me, I would rather go to the dentist than buy a car.  He said he hates the dentist drilling his teeth, like they had a jack hammer!

Personally, I have to agree with my customer. I hate going to the dentist myself. 

You see I am a car salesman, and I can not stand some of the other car salesman, sales managers, and car dealers.


I am Going to Give You the Secret Car Training Manual Car Dealers Don't Want You See

Yes, I had taken the secrets that I learned when I was trained to be a car salesman.

Plus, the insider knowledge I gained from my mentor Mr. X in the car selling business.

I'm actually going to show you some of the techniques that are on the hidden pages of the secret training manuals of sleazy car dealers worldwide.

I'm going to tell you what their tricks are, so you will know exactly what their up to, the next time you step foot on the car dealers lot.

In fact, right now I'm going to show you the 1o steps every car salesmen will use to sell you a car "the road to the sale".

You will immediately start this 10 step process the minute you get out of your car. What if I teach you all 10 steps included inside my new book, 300 pages with lots of step by step photographs, with 23 step by step video tutorials so you can look over my shoulder (For those who don't like to read), MP3 audio, checklist and PDF mind maps?

10 Steps Every Car Salesman Will Use to sell you a car “The Road to the Sale” 

Step 1 – Meet and Greet p. 118 Learn the inside secrets to the manipulative techniques car dealers use to make you feel as though you bonded to them, when you do not know the first thing about them. In fact, do you realize a high number of car salesmen are big liars, ex cons who could not find work, drug users and fast talkers.

I remember when a van suddenly pulled up, and the sales manager yanked 5 salesmen into the van, to go take a surprise random drug test. Test results, 2 out of the 5 salesmen were on drugs and lost their job. That means if you just happened to get the salesman on drugs, you would have been negotiating with a "crack head" who desperately needs the money at your cost.

Step 2 – Qualify: Find Common Ground p. 118  Just notice the next time you talk to a car salesman, notice the questions he asks you about your family, occupation, recreation, hobbies, and favorite sports team.

Step 3 – Product Presentation p. 123  There are steps and methods carefully plotted out when they show you the car with razzle dazzle product knowledge.

Step 4 – Demo Drive the Car p. 126 Notice the next time you drive the car how the salesman gets you to imagine how you are going to feel when your friends see you in your new car. 

Step 5 – Trial Close p. 130  Pay attention after the test drive when the car salesman says if I can get the numbers right will you take the car home today. Let's go see what price I can get you from the sales manager.

Step 6 – Negotiate pgs. 131 &185 This is the hardest step when your in the showroom (den of thieves), surrounded by sharks "Like Gangsters". They will show you monthly payments and down payment on the 4 square worksheet designed to get you to focus on 2 things. Get this wrong and pay dearly!  Learn why the salesman goes back and forth to the sales manager.

Step 7 – Close the Sale and Write the Sales Contract p. 200 First, you will have to sign contracts with the salesman before you go to sign the final contracts with the finance manager.

Step 8 – T.O. (Turn Over) to Finance Office Manager p. 207 Right when you thought it was safe, the finance manager will start selling you gap insurance, life insurance, extended service contracts, paint protection and more.... I will show you how to get out of the contract even if you signed all the papers if follow my step by step plan.

Step 9 – Delivery p. 235 Make sure you inspect the new car, because I have seen the car wash "lot attendant" accidently put scratches on the car during the car wash. You need to make sure you check the used car by your mechanic in advance of delivery. This is so important it could cost you thousands. 

Step 10 – Follow Up - p.237 At this point, the salesman calls you asking how you like the car, then under the radar says "Oh by the way, do you have any friends who want a car"? They will tell you give them excellent CSI surveys. If you learn this one trick, I teach you about CSI surveys, you will have the salesman and sales manager begging you because it is going to cost them a bonus!

You are going to have so much fun playing with the car salesman and sales manager because you will be playing poker and know their cards in advance!

"Pretend you have an electric taser gun, and you can
shock the car salesman
at will when ever you feel like it"

Imagine the power and control when you use my formula on the sales manager.

How would you feel when you learn these forbidden car dealer secrets and explode with confidence when dealing with any car salesmen?

Let me share a few stories with you so you get an idea what problems could happen to you when you buy a car.

"Spanish Lady Over pays $10,000 More....
$200 extra per month for 60 Months
Car Salesman Makes $2,500 Commission"

Story - I have seen a Spanish lady who had bad credit buy a used van when she could have bought a new van for only $2,000 more. The car salesman made $10,000 profit on the used van, and on her trade. The car salesman made $2,500 payable in commission. 

The spanish lady left the store so happy, thanking everybody for such a fantastic deal, not knowing she just got taken for $10,000, which equates into $200 extra per month in payments for 60 months, and equals $12,000.

That means the Spanish lady paid $10,000 more then she should have and will pay $12,000 including finance charges over the 60 months ($200/mo x 60mos. = $12,000). I witnessed this happen and made me sick to my stomach.  What if this was you mother, how would you feel? 


Secret Tip– A car salesman will always make more money selling you a used car.  He will do everything to switch you from buying a new car.  Then convince you to buy a used car to save money.

It is a catch 22, yes you will save money, but the car dealer will make a bigger profit on the used car.

Do not buy the used car that day, go home and do some research first based on what I teach you in this book, and then go back to the car dealer the next day to negotiate with knowledge. Knowledge is Power!

"Older Lady Puts $10,000 Cash Down Payment...
Comes Back 3 Years Later with Daughter
(Should Have Brought Her When She Bought the Car) Shocking Discovery.... Mom Signed a Lease..."

Story- I have seen an older lady who put $10,000 cash down payment on her car thinking she bought the car. She signed contracts leasing the car and she never realized this fact. Towards the end, she wanted to lower her payments and buy a cheaper car, but she had no equity because she put on such high miles.  When she bought the car she traded in a car with negative equity.

I felt so sorry for this older lady who came in with her daughter to help her mom.  Her mom was barely surviving financially, and the previous management at the car dealer ripped her off. #C6DEFF

The previous management team at the dealer were tricking customers into buying cars when they were leasing cars "Bait and Switch". 


"Guy Buys a Land Rover on Ebay.... Flys to Florida to Pickup His SUV... 8 Months Later He Wants to Trade Me His Land Rover.... Electrifying Discovery 
He Paid $10,000 More Then the Previous Seller.....

$10,000 Ripped Off"

Story - One guy comes in and buys a used Infinity G35 for his wife and then tells me, he was going to buy him a Land Rover for himself later that day.  I assumed he was going to another dealer in town because we did not have the car he was looking for.

About 8 months later, he returns to me requesting an appraisal to trade us his car. We discovered he bought the car on EBay from our out of state dealership. He paid $10,000 more than what the previous owner paid for the car. 

He was upside down $10,000 and hated the Land Rover because it did not have the space he needed for his business.  He got ripped off buying a car in eBay and flew out of state to pick it up. Later we found out, he paid $10,000 more than the previous owner. 

Car salesman and car dealers are ripping off customers right now all over the world.    I'm not kidding, do you want to walk into a car dealer to buy a car without the forbidden inside secrets I teach you?


Mom Buys Son $5,000 Car on Craigslist... Bad Title... Can Not Get License Plates

Story – I had a lady tell me, she paid $5,000 cash for a car on craigslist for her son.  She had nightmares on getting license plates because of a title error. 

The person who sold her the car did not sign the back of the title to match the name on the front of the title. 

The seller of the car disappeared so the buyer could not get the title corrected. That means the mom can not get license plates, and the son can not drive the car.


"Every One of the Storys I Shared With YOU
Could Have Been Prevented"...

If They Only Had My
"Step by Step Car Buying System


"More honest and caring than any car salesman I have dealt with"... 

First, I would like to say thank you.

Why? Because you put the customer first and find out what they want and how they feel. 

I went to three Toyota dealerships, one in Murfreesboro, TN, Gallatin, TN and downtown Nashville, TN. 

Guess what, you were the best and more honest and caring than any car salesman I have dealt with

That is saying a lot, because I am retired and bought 23 cars in my life and being in sales for 26 years I think you are one of the best. 

Keep up what you are doing and you will be the best. 

      Bill Hunt 
      Hendersonville, TN



"I liked Bob so much I brought my friend"

"I just got back from Iraq serving the US Army and needed a new car while stationed in Fort Campbell, KY.

First, I went to a Toyota dealer in down town Nashville, TN, and did not like the way the salesman treated me and did not like the manager because he would not drop the price.

Bob was very friendly, knowledgeable, made me laugh and gave me a good deal on my 2007 Toyota Camry.                                

I liked Bob so much I brought my friend from Fort Campbell, KY who bought a 2006 Toyota Corolla S and she got a great deal.

Also, Bob showed me how to defend myself from a knife attack as a bonus. I highly recommend Black Belt Bob because I trust him."

     Adrianna Diggins 
     US Army Specialist
     Clarksville, TN


Customer Review 5 Stars

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Car Dealers Exposed Car Buying System

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The Secret System Car Salesmen Use Every Time to Rip You Off...



  • How to set up a new Account for FREE......................... 66

  • How to post your car for sale on Craigslist..................................... 72

  • How to do a targeted keyword Craigslist Search....................... 80  

  • Never accept cashier’s check when you sell your car, here's why.... 81

  • Make sure the car title signatures match the front ....................... 82

  • One final posting trick to add attraction factor to your ad .... 83

  • Special characters for Craigslist Posting ........................................... 84




    HOW TO RESEARCH ON EBAY MOTORS............... 89



  • How a Car Dealer Makes His Profit – 3 Main Profit Centers.......... 102

  • New Cars ........................................ 102

  • How to Install leather at dealer cost................ 106   

  • Parts Department ........ 108

  • Service Department .......................... 108

  • Customer Satisfaction Survey Index (CSI) ................ 109

  • Used Cars ....................... 111


  • How Car Salesman Get Paid: The Commission Structure .......112

  • How Car Salesman Get Paid: The Commission Structure Flow Chart ...114
  • Sleazy Car Stories


    Car Salesman Promises He Will Add 2 Cylinders to Make Her 4 cylinder car a 6 Cylinder Car!

    6 Cylinder Story – A lady tells the car salesman she wanted a specific car on the lot with 6 cylinders. 

    The saleman wanted to make the sale so bad but did not have any 6 cylinders on the lot only had 4 cylinders. 

    The salesman tells the lady, I promise you that if you buy this car with 4 cylinders today and if you come back in 6 months to 1 year I will sell you the other 2 cylinders (Charge her an extra $1,500 for 2 more cylinders) to make your car a 6 cylinder.

    The lady saved up her $1,500 dollars and came back to the car dealer about 1 year later looking for the salesman who was fired for lieing to so many customers. 

    She told the manager that salesman said he promised to add 2 more cylinders too my 4 cylinder car and demand 6 cylinders right now. 

    The sales manager was trying to hold back his laughter and he said OK, let me send you to the service department manager. 

    She went to the service department manager and told him the salesman that sold her this car told me for $1500 dollars you will add 2 more cylinders to my 4 cylinders to make a 6 cylinder car. 

    This is a true story and everybody was laughing so hard except that poor old lady who gotten taken advantage of.  Car dealers and car salesman will lie to you to make a sale. 


    Sleazy Car Stories

    Chinese Guy Makes Payments on Time for 3 Years... Came to Pickup His Title.... His Papers Showed He Leased the Car.... Zero Equity... Talk About Explosive Anger...."

    Story - I have seen a Chinese guy come to the car dealer after 3 years saying he owns the car and wants the car title when he shows me his lease agreement. 

    This guy signed a 3 year lease agreement and the previous salesman told him he was buying the car.  This customer was shocked and mad.


    800 Beacon Score... Excellent Credit Pays 9% or 3% More as Foreigner Not Aware of..."

    Story - I have seen a husband and wife from a foreign country with 800 beacon scores who have outstanding credit end up paying 9% or 3% higher than they should have because of there ignorance




    • Step 1 – Meet and Greet ......................... 118
    • Step 2 – Qualify: Find Common Ground ......... 118
    • Step 3 – Product Presentation................ 123           
    • Step 4 – Demo Drive the Car ........ 126
    • Step 5 – Trial Close .......................... 130
    • Step 6 – Negotiate ................ 131 &185

    • Step 7 – Close the Sale and Write the Sales Contract ............. 200
    • Step 8 – T.O. (Turn Over) to Finance Office Manager........ 207
    • Step 9 – Delivery .......................... 235
    • Step 10 – Follow Up ................ 237

    • Here are some typical meet and greet lines a car salesman will use....118

    • Here is the number one objection response of a customer to a car salesman ....118

    • Here is the salesman’s counter response to were just looking ....................118 

    • Car Salesman are taught there are only 3 ways to buy a car ........... 119 

    • Why does every salesman have to T.O. .............. 120
    • Here are some of the lines a salesperson uses to get a T.O. or Turn the Customer Over to the Sales Manager ........ 120

    • How to Understand the Big Sticker MSRP...... 123

    • How Dealers Use the Supplemental Sticker on Your Trade to Rip You Off ....125

    • What is the Difference Between Rebates and Discounts? ..............125

    • How Dealers Use Newspaper Ads to Get You to Come To the Dealer Showroom ....125

  • $50 Mistake Cost Me $1500 Case Study......127

  • Salesman Held at Gunpoint Story............. 128

  • Finance Games the Car Dealer May Play........ 132
  • Channel 5 News Nashville, TN Award - Bill Heard Chevy Scandal...... 133

    Asking for a Discount ................ 134

    What to Say to a Salesman Who Ask’s do You Have a Car To Trade?134


  • How to Appraise your Car Using KBB or Kelly Blue Book?....... 135

  • KBB has 3 appraisal methods .............. 136

     1. Suggested Retail Trade Value - Appraisal 6 Steps with images... 137

     2. Private Party Value - Appraisal 7 Steps with Images ... 143

     3. Trade-in-Value - Appraisal 7 Steps With Images.......... 150

  • Comparing the 3 KBB Appraisals Side by Side ............ 156        


  • How the Used Car Manager Wll Appraise Your Car .......... 159

  • VIN = Vehicle Identifcation Number 17 Digits Drivers Windshield......... 159

  • How to locate the model year from the VIN Chart .......... 160

  • There Are 4 Different Books That Used Car Managers and Lenders Use That Show Used Car Values .....161

    1. Manheim Live Auction ..... 162
    2. Black Book................. 163
    3. NADA ............................. 164
    4. KBB or Kelly Blue Book.............. 164

  • How The Car Dealer Will Trick You With Book Values? .......... 164

  • How to Catch the Used Car Manager on the Trade Book Value?.......... 165

  • How Can You Find Out The Black Book or NADA Value on the Car You Want to Trade in and on the Car You Are Considering Buying? ........................ 165

  • Here’s an Insider Trick When the Salesman Shows You What Your Trade is Worth.  This One Secret is Worth the Price of This Entire Book. ............................... 166

  • The Doc Fee or Processing Fee ......................... 167

  • Solution – How to Get Out of Paying The Doc Fee?............ 167


  • How to find new car invoice and MSRP price ............... 170
    Method 1 – .................................... 171
    Method 2 – ........................... 175

  • How to know what amount is the dealer holdback? ........... 182


  • Sleazy Car Stories

    A Black Lady & Son Buy Lincoln Navigator... On the Way Home Makes Noise Shifting Gears Like a JOLT... Son Puts New Custom Stereo... Brings Car Back To Dealer To Fix Jolt...

    Story – A black lady and son came to buy a Lincoln navigator. They did not have enough down payment to buy the car and wanted a lower monthly payment. 

    After negotiating for one week with a friend salesman they came up with a little more down payment and he lowered the monthly payment to the buyer’s acceptance.

    They took the navigator home and started making a noise when shifting into gear like a metal jolting into gear. We ended up taking the navigator to the dealer and they said that noise is normal for the car. 

    When we had the car and drove it from the rear to the front the power windows would not work on the driver side and the window was stuck down.  The mechanic had to temporarily wire the window up until he could set up a new appointment to fix the power windows. 

    When customer gets into the navigator the newly installed custom radio(customer paid somebody else to install this brand new stereo) was not working. 

    The manager said how do we know the new radio was even working when you brought the car today which angered the customer’s son. 

    He began raising his voice saying he just paid for his brand new custom stereo and it was working when he brought the Navigator here and now the stereo does not work. 

    About a week later the son comes back to get the power windows fixed by us and he told me our dealer blew out his new stereo with a power surge and he had to buy a new stereo for 2nd time. He said he spent about $2,000 to get the navigator fixed out of his pocket. 



    • How to calculate your FICO credit score into interest payment .......... 186

    • Factor sheet to calculate your monthly payment & interest rate... 188

    • How to figure your monthly payment based on the factor sheet ........ 189

    • How to know if the finance manager or sales manager is lying about what your monthly payment should be? .............189

    • How to figure out the interest rate they are using – go to the factor sheet ....190

    • Rule never accept the first pencil on 4 square worksheet ........ 190

    • Story – I Would Rather Go to the Dentist to Drill My Teeth Then Buy a Car!..... 191

    • 4 square worksheet case study ............................. 191
           First pencil on 4 square worksheet ........................... 192
           Second pencil on 4 square worksheet ...................... 195
           Third pencil on 4 square worksheet .......................... 197

    • Payment worksheet ......................................... 199

    • How to Buy a New Car with No Trade and No Rebates?  So Get Your Calculator Right Now! ... 201

    • How To Figure The Interest Rate Your Self When The Sales Manager Gives You a Monthly Payment and You Know The Amount Financed? ............................ 201

    • How to Buy a New Car with No Trade and With a Rebate? .... 202

    • How to buy a new car with your trade and no rebate?............. 202

    • Trade Difference is The Most Misunderstood Concept ...... 202

    • How to Buy a New Car with No Trade and No Rebate and With a Rebate? It’s Always a Good Idea to Wait for Dealer Rebates on New Cars .. 203

    • How to Buy a New Car with a Trade with ACV (actual cash value) versus Trade Allowance with Payoff on the Trade .......... 204

    • How to Buy a New Car with a Payoff Less Than What They Appraise it for; We Will Use a $2,000 payoff on the car when you trade? ...... 204

    • How the Finance Manager Packs The Back End?...205

    • Never go to a Car Dealer without This Cheat Sheet! 205

    • Some Finance Managers Use This New Trick on You ............. 206

    • The Finance or Business Office Known as the Finance Manager Time 207

    • How to Sign All The Legal Documents, You Decide to Change Your Mind and Want to Get Out of The Purchase Agreement? ..... 208

    • How to Deal with the Finance Manager ........... 208

    • Here Are the Steps the Finance Manager Needs to Accomplish ... 209

    Sleazy Car Stories

    "Wood Flooring Contractor Buys Dodge Ram... Would Not Pass Emission Testing...

    Car Dealer Gets $500 More Down Payment and Increases His Payment by $50 Month and

    Puts Him into a Chevy Silverado... Be Aware of Check Engine Lights!"

    Story- A wood flooring contractor comes in with his wife to buy a dodge ram 4x4 truck 4 door. They had issues on their credit and had 2 loans existing but he said they were trucks and vans for his wood flooring business that his workers drove.

    We did the loan and when he went to take the car to emissions testing it would not pass 3rd cylinder miss firing.  He made an appointment on a Saturday to get truck fixed and we put on new plugs and wires. 

    He took the truck to emissions and again it failed.

    This time we made a new repair and check engine light went off. 

    About 2 weeks go by and he went to emissions and again it would not pass so they came to ask the dealer since the car will not pass emissions they wanted to trade out of the dodge ram and buy the chevy Silverado 4x4 repo we just got back. 

    They had to put up $500 more down payment and monthly payment went up by $50 and they signed new contracts to buy the chevy Silverado 4x4. 

    The buyers were lucky the dealer traded them out of the truck which rarely happens in the car industry. 

    However, if the truck does not pass emissions then the buyer can always take the truck back to the dealer or keep the truck and not make payments until the truck gets repoed which is a risk to the dealer at buy here pay here dealers. 


    • What Do Credit Bureaus, Car Dealers and Banks Use to Determine Your Credit Score and What Terms of Financing They Give You............... 211
      1. CBI/ Equifax
      2. Transunion

    • How to get a FREE credit report? ....... 211

    • Credit Report/Bureaus Look Something like this ..... 212

    • Debt to Income Ratio .......... 212

    • Very Important Tip: Credit Application Secret ............... 213

    • The New Financing Technique Called Menu Selling .... 214

    • What the Credit Score Ranking Looks Like Based on Credit Score Ranges ........... 215

    • What is Advance? .................. 215

    • How the Car Dealer Can Charge You a Higher Interest Rate? ........... 216

    • What is the Bank Retention Rate? .......................... 216

    • How to Stop the Finance Manager From Charging you 1-3% Higher on Your Car Loan Than You   Actually Qualify?  This is a Big Secret Tip: ...................... 216

    • How to calculate your monthly car payment?.... 217

    • Why Do Used Car Managers Have To Appraise Cars Using Black Book or NADA? .... 217

    • Here is an Example with a Trade and With Payoff of $9,000. This is Where Many People Get Confused..........218


    • 4 Types of Extended Service Contracts ................. 221

    • Should You Take The Extended Service Contract?.................... 222

    • I Highly Recommend You Buy Gap Insurance ............... 223

    • The Finance Contract............................ 223

    • Secret Tip – Never Let the Finance/Business Manager Rush You without Reading the Entire Sales Contract .................224

    • Finance Manager – Sign the Contract Sales Pitch .................. 225




    • The Lease Section .................. 227

    • Secret Tip of the Rich ....................... 227

    • Most customers care about the monthly payment not the price of the car and salesmen know this so they sell payments. You need to be very careful ................. 227

    • What is Residual Value on a Leased Car? ............ 227

    • What is Cap Cost on a Lease? ......... 228

    • Here Are Some of the Tricks Car Dealers Use on Car Leases .......... 228

    • Many Banks Have an Early Payoff Termination Fee .. 229

    • Here is Another Trick for Lease Payments ......... 229

    • Special/Secondary/Credit Challenged Section .......... 229

    • This is important ................. 230

    • Here is Another Big Sales Lie ............ 230

    • Here’s Your Response Very Important ............ 230

    • Bank Rate Sheet Swap the Sheet Trick ................. 232

    • Down payment ...................................... 233

    • Why Do Lenders Require Up To 6 References? .. 233


    • The “Buy Here Pay Here” car dealers are known as "Tote the Note Car Dealers" ... 239
    • What is a buy here pay here car dealer?  ....................... 239
    • Important Facts When Buying From a Buy Here Pay Here Car Dealer ..... 239
    • How to find a buy here pay here dealer ......... 240
    • What information will I need to bring to a buy here pay here dealer or any car dealer? ..... 241
    • Your down payment determines what car you can buy!............. 241
    • The down payment is the secret key to buying a car at a buy here pay here car dealer! ..... 242
    • How to get a loan approval guaranteed at a buy here pay here dealer?242
    • What down payment is the best strategy?  I recommend the least amount down! ...243
    • Biggest Secret Tip – Never buy a used car from any car dealer or private party unless you ...... 243
    • Urgent Warning “Check Engine Light” ............. 243
    • Test drive the car ....................... 244
    • How to Negotiate the Best Price after the Test Drive .......... 244
    • A used car salesman is taught to never negotiate price or payments on the lot ... 245
    • How buy here pay here car dealers price their cars? .......................... 245
    • How to negotiate the best deal .............................. 245
    • What is we owe form? ..................... 247
    • Car insurance is required ................. 248
    • Final car inspection is highly recommended ....... 249
    • How to get out of used car loan that you bought at a buy here pay here car dealer ...... 249
    • We can refinance your car loan in 12 months is a Big Fat Lie ............ 250



    • How to sell your car without having to buy a car?............... 253

    • How to Transfer a Car from........................ 274



    • 130 million car parts ............. 279
    • How to buy used original salvage OEM parts and save up to 60% off manufacture prices .... 282


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    How to buy a used car and sell your car... You will learn how to appraise used cars which will save you double what dealers will sell you the car. For example, if KBB says the retail value of the car is $10,000 and the car dealer bought this car on KBB trade value $5,000 then the car dealer will profit $5,000 on this one car. Your going to know exactly how to price cars saving your thousands of dollars on used car purchases!


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    Car Dealers Exposed PDF Mind Map - Summary Map

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    How to find fuel economy on any car

    How to understand Carfax - Carfax doesn't al

    How to appraise your car by owner and by dealer. You need to learn how to appraise your car because I'm going to show you how the dealers appraise your car.

    How to locate the year from VIN

    How to calculate monthly payments from factor sheet

    How to understand the negotiations on the 4 square worksheet. This is the most important step, get this wrong will cost you thousands! Why they want you to focus on these 2 sets of numbers...

    How to trade in your car

    How to sell your car without buying a car. Want to learn how to trade your car and not have to buy a car? Very powerful technique when you need fast cash!

    How to find invoice method 1

    How to find invoice price method 2

    How to buy a car with horrible credit - I will show you a guaranteed method for getting a loan approved if you follow these specific steps...

    How to understand MSRP window sticker - Ever wonder why the dealer adds on all these supplemental stickers? How to read past these sneaky tricks

    How to buy used parts like the mechanics and car dealers - Why pay retail when you can buy wholesale? Want to do it yourself?

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    How to sell your car on craigslist Part 1 - I posted about 50 cars per day average, every day on craigslist. You will learn some secret strategys I use, when you use the special characters sheet to give your ad the WoW factor.

    How to sell your car on craigslist Part 2

    How Understand Car Newspaper Ads

    What Never to Do, What to Bring, Rules You must pay very close attention to this video to prevent serious harm but you need to understand...



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    Refund Policy - 100% Money-Back Guarantee Full Refund Within 60 Days
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    Robert Reuter "Black Belt Bob"

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