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3 Steps 1. Join Groups 2. Pull Data Profiles 3. Send Messages

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Verify Business Owner Real identity by confirming data on Linkedin

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Contact any Business Owner Bypassing the Gatekeeper to Sell Your Product or Service



-The Software Developer

Kevin has been developing software automation since 1996 and specializes in business lead generation. For years he sold leads to business owners.

Kevin built the worlds first Linkedin group messaging software in 2010.

His new 2022 Software gets Leads from Linkedin Groups, Facebook Groups, Facebook Group Posters, Youtube Commentors, Quora Questions, Mine Master Mind Groups, Get the People Who Just Joined the Group, Collect the Profiles With All The Data.

Kevins 2022 Lead Generation software will have a special update in the next month to save business owners thousands of dollars they are spending now.(Kevin working on this for 2 years).

You Find them on Linkedin and Message Them There up to 200 messages a day with one account or Up to 50 Invites a Day, Constant Flow of New Leads Everyday

Business owners are very busy and Kevin developed a 5 minute a day system to send direct messages to the exact targeted person to sell your products or service.

You get targeted business leads ex: CEO, Accountant, Business Owner, Sales Manager, Marketing Manager, Niche Groups, Size of business.

Learn the perpetual list builder system... You get Kevins email software that automates the Linkedin leads direct into the email software and lets you message them from inside the email software so you can send email message and message owners direct.


From: Robert Reuter - Black Belt Bob

Nashville, TN - Country Music Capital

Problem, you want 100s of Fresh leads everyday & want to talk to the business owner...Gatekeeper shuts the door ...

It's not easy getting leads on social media unless you are constantly adding friends, sending friend invitations waiting for approval or commenting on posts and this takes so much time and energy. People get so distracted on social media jumping from one click to the next click.

The easiest way to get leads is to pay for the leads or pay per click which can cost anywhere from $1 per click or lead up to $250 per click if your bidding on Lawyer keywords or Mortgage broker keywords. So your not guaranteed leads with pay per click, many will click and leave so you better be good at copywriting and conversion strategies for your optin page.

Pay Per Click is expensive even though this is the easiest and fastest method of traffic to your product or service offer.

Plan on spending at least $1,000 month on PPC for new business leads not to mention setting up the ads, ad groups, copywriting, landing pages, optin forms and then email follow up autoresponder sequence taking hours to learn and setup

You will save thousands of dollars in PPC cost, and most important your time...5 minutes per day...unless you have Kevins software...

Miracle...Today you finally discovered Gold....The Secret... You need to sign up for the FREE Linkedin Group Messaging Masterclass and will get immediate access to this Guru insider training...

On March 31, 2020 Linkedin brought back group messaging, twice the amount of messages from years ago. Kevin coded new software that targets new group members perfect for selling products, services, coaching, consulting, affiliate marketing, digital marketing, and posting content that is seen by the entire group.

1. FB new group member

2. Quora

3. Meetup

4. Youtube Commenters

5. FB group posters

6. FB group all member

When they join FB group they are looking for something and is the perfect time to ad value to the conversation by helping that person. Linkedin allows maximum 200 messages a day per account with 100 % delivery. You can build into list, build into group, all with 5 minutes a day push button automation on free linkedin account.

When they reply to your message, you want to send a unique personalized message to each person who sends you a message, they want to talk with you so never automate this reply message.

First look them up on Facebook and put them in your Linkedin account to build 30,000 Linkedin first level friends list vs 5,000 friends maximum on Facebook. The reason you look them up from Facebook groups first is to make sure it’s a real person because you can cross check that person on their Linkedin profile which are business oriented members with real contact information. In other words Facebook will have more fake profiles than Linkedin profiles.

Your goal is Connecting and communicating, hey I just notice you joined our FB group or Linkedin group. Ask what are you looking for, how can you help them, which develops into an excellent conversation with social hand raisers. This is the easy way to build leads.

Solution...Kevin built the worlds first Linkedin group messaging software in 2010.....

You spend 5 minutes a day using the new and improved artificial intelligence...

2022 Automated Linkedin B2B Group Messaging marketing software getting 100s of leads daily...

You will be able to send a direct Message to the Business Owner, Manager, etc. bypassing the gatekeeper...

You are getting through the Eye of the Needle ...

You then build a conversation with that owner or manager, etc. and will make money selling your Product or Services when they see the value you show them...

No waiting for Linkedin Invitations.

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You can always reach me on Linkedin Robert Reuter - Black Belt Bob or bookmark my website

You can contact the CEO, business owner or who ever you want using Kevins linkedin b2b Group Messaging marketing software, really making fantastic money in lead gen, lots of people want to use linkedin but don't know how.

Here are the benefits you'll get

by the end of this training

  • BETTER CLARITY: You will have a step by step framework that is easy to follow to make sure everything is in place before you launch your group messaging business strategy
  • INCREASE CONFIDENCE: No more guessing game whether or not you get leads for your consulting appointments
  • SAVE A LOT OF TIME: With all the tools & resources, Video Training, Software automation, you won't have to spend time figuring out how to get new leads. You will finally be executing your goal by talking direct with the decision maker!

dont take my word for it,look what Everyone is saying

Mark 'MKWeb' Hultgren President - CEO MKW Industries, Inc. -> I just wanted to say that I have been using Kevin's softwares (Yes, multiple software packages) for a few reasons, but the top reason is. They do exactly what he says they do. They are easy to install, configure and use and have paid for themselves many times over. Kevin is one of the very few developers that actually TALKS with you to find out any issues or if you have an idea of how to make the software better, if it needs more functionality, or what could make it easier to use. About all I can say is if you are thinking about getting one of Kevin's packages, you can't go wrong.

- Mark Hultgren


Kevin's LinkedIn software has been a staple in my arsenal of tools to generate leads for both myself and clients for many years. It's enabled me to grow my agency as well as provide a done for you service for my b2b clients. Additionally, his products are unique and innovative. He is always responsive to support requests and makes sure his customers are taken care of at all times. He provides the secret sauce needed for massive success.

-Fredric Schwartzs


I have been marketing on LinkedIn for the last 10 years and have managed to accumulate 16k first-level connections. Unfortunately, the tools that LinkedIn provides to take advantage of the vast market there, (even the paid versions of LinkedIn), are sadly lacking. The only software I have found that understands LinkedIn and the best way to market there is Fresh Lead Generator from Kevin. I have been using various forms of his software for several years now, and I have been pleased with the results. I have been able to generate leads on a consistent basis. Also, his support has been outstanding during this time. I highly recommend his software to anyone who wants to take advantage of the huge marketing potential that LinkedIn represents

- Mr X


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